POPUP-NOW Düsseldorf


Last Saturday, I went to the POPUP-NOW event in Düsseldorf. The event took place at the Grey offices, located at Platz der Ideen.
As soon as you entered the site, you heard live music, smelled the streetfood that was offered and saw many people enjoying the good weather outside. There was a really happy atmosphere and I started to look extremely forward to what would await me inside.

POP-UP NOW is a new and innovative trade fair concept. It presents a selection of upcoming, new and also local brands and online shops. At the event in Düsseldorf there were quite well-known shops like Edited and also start-ups like Homebasar.
What was really amazing, was that you could shop everything you wanted right at the event and some brands even offered special prices to the visitors.
The offered products varied from food (e.g. spices from Tugga) and jewellery (e.g. All About Articus) to accessoires (e.g. hair bands from Popbands) and clothes (e.g. Santi Santi).

POP-UP NOW also prepared a goodie bag, filled with cute little presents (Essie nailpolish, my beloved Propercorn, a magazin,…). Additionally, many of exhibiting brands also gave away some small presents (e.g. Bobbi Brown mascara from Edited).


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